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Joe Tirrito is available for both public and private/corporate events.
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Joe is available with either backing tracks or a full live band.
since 2012
Date Published: 1 June 2009

'You either have rhythm or you don't. And when you have it, you've got it all over.' Those words have been uttered
by none other than The King Of Rock 'n Roll Elvis Presley.

And although the king himself is no more, these words hold true today more than ever. They put into perspective the
efforts of thousands of Elvis tribute artists who are engaged in keeping his legacy alive in the form of the Elvis tribute

Anyone who has ever attended an Elvis tribute show in Las Vegas will testify to the excitement and exhilaration that
pervades the performance venue. These shows are a sincere attempt to capture the true essence of the king, and
best represent the Elvis legacy. In keeping with Elvis' own energized and charismatic performances, an Elvis tribute
show is guaranteed to be high energy and very physical.

A lot goes into pulling off the perfect act which wows the audience and brings it to its feet screaming with adulation.
Elvis was never just a voice. It was the whole package of music, look, performance and charisma that had millions of
people under his spell for twenty long years. Recapturing all this and more, in front of a critical audience, requires a
special effort. One performer that accomplishes all of the above is Joe Elvis Tirrito.

Joe says that getting the look right is not so difficult. A lot of manufacturing companies duplicate the authentic
rhinestone studded jumpsuits using the original, exclusive designs of Bill Belew and Gene Doucette. A good Elvis hair
style, trademark side burns and the quaff. Assorted jewelry on the fingers and around the neck, and the artist is all set
to take the stage.

The real test for Joe Elvis begins when he takes the stage. Joe has to get all the thousands of nuances that make up
Elvis, just right. Joe puts his all into each hip shake, rattle, and roll. The deep soulful eyes, trademark snarl, pout and
unique body stance have to be perfected down to the T. Lip synching doesn't have much of an impact. So Joe has to
work on his voice, tone, and inflection to sound just like Elvis. A good, live band also goes a long way in building the
right tempo.

The show itself is very high octane. The audience is awestruck by the uncanny resemblance that Joe Elvis Tirrito bears
to the King. And then Joe starts his note-perfect rendition of Elvis' million selling hits like Jailhouse Rock, Heartbreak
Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes, and the audience goes crazy dancing to the foot-tapping music. Joe prefers to have the
concluding act as the legendary Vegas spectaculars and the tempo reaches an ear-shatterting crescendo. Reactions
are extreme and have to be seen to be believed. Some members of the audience appear thunderstruck, while some
are drawn to tears.

It's amazing that the king's legacy lives on even thirty years after his death. The popularity of the king, that has
sustained this line of work, is beyond comprehension. Joe Elvis Tirrito puts his all into every performance. Some people
may say that Joe Elvis has no identity of his own and is known only by his Elvis impersonation. But what keeps him
coming back to it year after year, show after show, is seeing the reaction on people's faces. He does it because he
loves the devotion and adulation he sees on people's faces. He does it because of his love for Elvis and his music.